Router Fences

Router Table Fence

A router table fence is not an accessory; it’s a necessity. In fact, without a fence, a router table isn’t much more than a piece of shop furniture. And a good fence makes all the difference in the world. An Accurate, Easy-to-Position Fence In most router table operations, you'll control the cut by keeping your workpiece pressed against the fence as you advance it past the bit. So you want a fence that is up to the task.

There's quite a range in the quality and functionality of router table fences. The simplest fence might consist of nothing more than a straight piece of lumber clamped to the surface of the table. At the other end of the spectrum are precision after-market fence systems with incremental positioning mechanisms and other advanced features. In between you can find some very good fences, all of which share the same important qualities: They're straight, square and rigid; they're easy to position and have a good adjustment range; and they won't shift when locked down.

Guide Fence


A jig is usually the name given to a specialist template which holds the workpiece and guides a tool. They are used for accurately completing complex routing applications

Base plate and accessories

Attach the Base plate to handheld router. The base plate can be attached to several jigs.