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Drawing with a CNC Router - Turning it into a pen plotter

A CNC router owner can adapt their machine to become a pen plotter that can draw accurate designs on paper.

Pen plotters print by moving a pen or other instrument across the surface of a piece of paper. Unlike a typical printer, a plotter produces prints with a strangely human quality.

When using your CNC router as a pen plotter, you’re essentially modifying the machine to accomplish a slightly different task than what it was built to do. This is fine and won’t harm the machine, as long as you keep your modifications contained in the adapter or attachment itself. If you make significant changes to the machine itself that extend beyond its design, you run the risk of causing damage to the machine and possibly voiding any warranties—not to mention endangering yourself. There are plenty of solutions that work, from specialized pens to custom built attachments. Keep your modifications contained to this area, and you’ll keep your CNC router safe

The key to a good CNC pen/marker, is that it must be weight or spring loaded so that it can provide even consistent pressure.

Attaching a pen to the spindle

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