Stone Tools

What is driving human evolution?

- Archeologist, Nicholas Toth explains the tools, methods, and focus of an archaeologist

Creating Razor sharp stone tools

Nicholas Toth shows how early humans made stone tools that were simple but effective. Useful for butchering animals, making spears from wood, Creating a digging stick for digging roots and tubers

Brain is a very expensive organ to have.. it makes up 3% of our body weight but consumes 20% of the energy. Why would we have such an expensive organ? Was it our need to interact socially with other humans, because we are living in larger groups, we needed to deal with a number of individuals politically and socially

Payoffs of the larger brain: We become inventive and experimental and try new techniques of making and using tools as well, to such an extent that humans become the most dedicated tool maker in the history of the earth

Stone tools then stone tools combined with wooden handles then bone tools