Router bits

Router bit shank options

If your router is designed to accept 1/2-in. bits, go that direction for higher quality results

Roundover bits

Perhaps no profile bit sees more woodshop action than the round-over bit. Here are some basics on getting the most. Rounded edges give a project a softer, smoother look. A rounded corner is more "friendly" to people or objects that come in contact with it.

Edge decoration bits or Profile bits

Flush trim bits

  • With the Pattern bit the bearing is mounted to the shank rather than the tip.
  • Flush trim bit has the bearing on the tip. Its diameter matches the diameter of the cutter blades.
  • Whether it is above or below the bearing needs to follow the template.
  • The blades with a slight angle are expensive and give a cleaner cut.

Straight bits

Making Grooves

Chamfer bits

Joinery bits

These days, you can cut fine joinery with your router and the right bit. Amana offers bits for cutting rabbets, finger joints, box joint, 45 degree lock miter and even the time-honored dovetail


A Collet is the steel sleeve that holds a router bit in a router. Collets are machined perfectly to hold a router bit with just enough clearance to slip the bit in and out when loose. For the best grip, a router bit should be fully inserted into the collet and then backed out about 1/16″. The gap allows the collet and bit to be pulled down as the nut is tightened.

Collet nut and Collets

Collet adapter

Collet adapter

Maintainence of Collet

To extend the life of your collet, never tighten a collet without a bit in place. This can compress or deform the collet, leading to an improper fit on the bit

Think of the collet as a consumable item in your router. Much like the brakes on your car, the collet will wear and become less efficient over time. If you notice problems holding bits, it may just be time to replace the collet.

• Clean the collet parts with a rag dampened with a cleaning solution such as Naptha.

• Use a small brush with either nylon or brass bristles to reach into close areas. These bristles will clean the collet without damaging the metal surfaces