Foamcore Boards

Foamcore, foam board, or paper-faced foam board is a very lightweight and easily cut material. It consists of a board of polystyrene foam clad with an outer facing of paper on either side, typically white clay-coated paper or brown kraft paper

It is not recyclable or biodegradable in normal situations. Foamcore does not adhere well to some glues, such as superglue. The foam tends to melt away and dissolve. Higher-end spray adhesives have to be used for better joining.

While working with foam can be a quick way to make multiple models. We found that by separating the models into multiple parts and then pinning the parts together thus making it modular. It became an even faster prototyping method thanks to the possibility to combine different parts and make an exponential amount of combinations.

Making Cylinders

Making Boxes

Making Boxes and Cylinders

Covers the basics of how to cut and assemble FoamCore/ FoamBoard the right way, how not to cut the stuff and how to take things to the next level and improve your craftsmanship