Community Students Visit to Tinkering Lab on 7th May 2019

Lab was open on 7th May 2019 for community students to visit & take hands on experience.

Celebrating ATL Community day's on 16th & 17th April 2019

We at Atal Tinkering Lab in Millennium National School celebrated community day's on 16th & 17th April 2019. On these days we had given access to nearby community students to Atal Tinkering Lab. Days flow was as follows,

1. Introduction to ATL - Purpose, Meaning & working of ATL.

2. Introduction of Innovation Process with the help of videos followed by group discussion.

3. Actual hands on experience of hand tools, Power tools. Followed by

4. Hands on activities to inculcate scientific temperament & in-turn seeding innovation sparks.

Community Children doing Hands-On with Tools

Introduction of Innovation process & ATL LAB to community students

Teachers participating in understanding the innovation process

The objectives of the workshop were to equip teachers to provide first level mentoring for student projects.

As the student ideas can be diverse and not necessarily overlapping teacher's domain of expertise, the best a teacher can do is participate with the student in discovering the solution to the problem. A design thinking process helps the teacher take the project forward in a constructive way.

The process involves observation, ideation, designing and prototyping and multiple iterations. The teachers actually solved a problem by modelling and then using rapid protyping tools to test and improve upon the model

Students presenting their prototypes during science week (25th Feb. to 1st March 2019)

Students had been working on their ideas in the tinkering lab for the whole year. For some, ideas were converted into a prototype. Many such groups presented their stories and showcased their prototypes to their classmates in the science week (25th Feb. to 1st March 2019)

Runner up at Chhote scientist competition in Feb. 2019

Our schools team bagged Second prize at Chhote scientist 2019 competition on 14th Feb. 2019 organized by KPIT & Dyanprabhodini. This competition's problem statement was based on Design thinking addressing day to day life situation.

Visit of Mr. Hitendra Gandhi (Asst. Manager) , Maharashtra State Innovation Society to Tinkering Lab on 5th Dec. 2018

Mr. Hitendra Gandhi has visited tinkering lab on 5th Dec 2018 to understand working of lab & to get inputs about difficulties faced in setting up tinkering lab.

Visit of Mr. Ravindra Godbole (Science Hobbyist) to Tinkering Lab.

Mr. Ravindra Godbole a science Hobbyist, is been invited on 23rd Oct. 2018 to tinkering lab to interact with students.